How Reading Creates Imagery in Your Mind

When reading books, how you see what you read is very important. Creating imagery when reading is necessary for better comprehension and memorization of the text you’re reading which will in turn help readers enjoy what they’re reading.

It involves creating a picture of the setting and characters in your mind. While this might sound abstract, it is something you do more often than you realize.

If you struggle to see what you read, reading can easily become a chore and uninteresting. So here are few tips that can help you see what you read. Believe me, visualization allows you to be an entertainment theatre of your dreams, right where you are with just a book and your mind.

It’s all about your mind’s eye, these tips will help you see 20/20 what you read.

Knowledge is power, thirst for more

Your background knowledge will determine the degree of mental images you’re able to create. Consider it the building blocks to mental imagery. Prior event, experiences, or activities will help improve how well you’re able to understand the setting of a book.

So don’t shut out the world; be eager to acquire new knowledge and who knows, you might just see yourself reading your past experience in a book and that’ll be so much fun.

Get an idea

One simple trick that will help you build mental images when you read is skimming through the book or reading the blurb. This will help you get a general picture of the theme, setting, plot and characters found in the book. Consider this a reconnaissance patrol that will help you avoid an unexpected encounter. With a general idea of what to expect, you can thus begin to deploy the necessary arsenal to meet the mental demands of the book.

Attention to details

Reading should not been seen as a race against time. What’s the point if you claim to have read a book without grabbing a point or two from the text? When you read, pay attention to the punctuations and phrases- these are the little details and nuances that gives a book meaning. One way to achieve this is by reading slowly, it gives you time to appreciate the little details and also help you process the mental image while at it. Additionally, reading out loud at some point or throughout can also help you extract the details needed to paint the perfect picture in your head.

Read with the intention of talking about it

When you read with the mindset to discuss it with others, it helps you focus. Focus is important if you must see what you read. This mindset will help you create images that you’ll bank on and recall when its discussion time.

Make mental connections

When you read, picture yourself as an active participant in the book. See yourself in a conversation, take on the burden of the characters- relate with their fears, joy and other emotions. Yes, reading is personal, treat it as such.