Why You Should Keep your Kids Reading Over The Summer

Summer reading for kids ironically is not something those at the center of it may not like. Of all the activities your kids have planned for summer, reading is likely not a priority. Having said that, you as a responsible and caring parent should ensure your kids read over the summer, here is why:

It is a proven fact that kids that fail to read or who do so rarely during the summer break experience a decline or stagnation in their ability to read. This is even more obvious as kids grow older and particularly gloomy for kids from low-income homes.

To put it in perspective, kids who eventually lose their reading abilities because they don’t read over the summer period will be 2-years behind their classmates come the completion of their 6th grade.

Is that something you’ll want for your kids?

Definitely no!

So it’s time you encourage your kids to read over the summer

Benefits of summer reading for kids:

It will help your child improve his or her comprehension, writing and vocabulary skills.

It opens them to a new world, cultures and information. Reading is one way to inspire new interests in kids.

They grow to be well informed and enlightened individuals.

It exercises their brains ensuring it is maintained at a tip top shape. The saying “you lose it if they don’t use it,” also holds true for our brains therefore engaging their brain through reading will ensure they don’t “lose it” including all they’ve learnt overtime.

It gives them something to talk about with family and friends. Watch them impress with new words they’ve learned or chatter away about the characters or setting from the book they just read.

It is one way to help them improve on their scores in standardized tests. Additionally, it prepares them for the coming English classes in fall ensuring they start well which is critical to finishing well.

Now that you’ve learnt about the benefits, you can do well to adopt some measures that will encourage your child to read during their summer break. These simple tips include: urging them to read what they enjoy daily, encouraging them with treats or incentives, and making reading a family affair. Another effective tip is connecting reading to family day out. All these tips should be adapted to suit your situation.

In conclusion

So there you have it, reasons why summer reading for kids is very vital to their development. Give your child a comparative advantage early on- start encouraging them to read today.