Beasts 2: A Mate's War (Volume 2)

Beasts 2: A Mate's War (Volume 2)

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Author: Natavia

ISBN: 1979573093

Number Of Pages: 346

Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

Details: What happens to destined mate's when destiny and reality are not aligned? They fight to protect their true loves even if it's from someone in their close-knit pack. Kanye and Monifa’s mating ritual is only days away but their fate was sabotaged. Monifa’s urge to cheat fate causes a dark past to haunt her. Will Monifa be able to fight the surge of black magic flowing through her veins or will she let it consume her and push Kanye into Arya’s waiting arms? Chancy and Akea are in love and are now expecting a new edition to the pack. The visions Akea had of Chancy with another wolf causes him to question their relationship. Would his insecurity push her away and into the arms of another wolf? Osiris who is possessed by a vampire god wants what belongs to him, Keora’s soul. But there are two things standing in his way, Monifa is Keora in the afterlife and she’s Kanye’s mate. Will Seth get what he wants or will Kanye go to war to protect him and Monifa’s destiny? In this second installment of the beasts, the couples are fighting for love harder than ever. They are willing to go to war until death in order to seal their fate. Which couple will surrender their love and who will win the war? This is a tale of passion, vengeance, jealousy, and erotica

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