From the Projects to a Rich Thug's Mansion

From the Projects to a Rich Thug's Mansion

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Author: Sonovia Alexander

ISBN: 1549627813

Number Of Pages: 278

Publisher: Independently published

Details: Angie “Swiss” Jones is not your typical female. She was born into a life of poverty that she never asked for. Her mother dropped her off at the local fire station as a newborn and her father could have been any of the local crackheads that she passed by on the daily. Jumping from foster home to foster home and living a life that gave her nothing, she was tired of it, she wanted more. She deserved more– she desired to live the life of the rich and famous.  Nothing was more memorable than the day she met Boogie. Boogie had the paper, the cars, the money, and the drugs that could help her with her come up– until an unfortunate turn of events happen to Boogie. There’s a new dealer on the block… and her name is Swiss.

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