Hard To Breathe (Dr. Drake Cody suspense-thrillers) (Volume 2)

Hard To Breathe (Dr. Drake Cody suspense-thrillers) (Volume 2)

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Author: Tom Combs

ISBN: 0990336034

Number Of Pages: 370

Publisher: Evoke Publishing

Details: ER doctor and medical researcher Drake Cody has a hidden past no physician is allowed to have… When an injured woman presents to the ER with a report of a fall, Drake reports to police his suspicion that her powerful businessman husband is guilty of domestic violence. Within hours, Drake’s medical license and the rights to his breakthrough experimental drug are threatened. Murder, billion-dollar intrigue, and corruption involving the most powerful elements in healthcare threaten Drake’s career, those he loves, and his life. Can the law deliver justice, or will it abandon Drake as he battles forces driven by greed and the lust for power? Hard to Breathe provides an insider’s exposure to the blast-furnace emotions of critical care medicine and the high-stakes “business” of healthcare and its mega-dollar temptations. Hard to Breathe is a fast-paced, intense, twisting thrill ride involving individuals you care about and medical realities that affect us all.

EAN: 9780990336037