Lyrics of A Transcendental Love: Poetry of Love

Lyrics of A Transcendental Love: Poetry of Love

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Author: Scarlett Braden

ISBN: 1984052519

Number Of Pages: 115

Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

Details: This book is about something extraordinary, but possibly an occurrence that is increasing in frequency around the world. The definition of transcendental is relating to a spiritual or nonphysical realm. Dr. J. Richard Cookerly defined the concept of Transcendental love. “Transcendental love is a term referring to a love or a love experience that is so strong and/or so awesome that it goes well beyond the range of usual and normal, human experience, comprehension or control.” We all know there are many types of love. Each one with its own set of characteristics, known norms, and yet a unique experience for the individual involved in the relationship. In today’s world and culture, we are beginning to warm up to the idea that not only are any two relationships comprised of individualisms, but how relationships form, how they progress, and indeed the length of them are discovered in new places and amid circumstances stranger than ever before. The poetry included in this book exposes some of the newer ideas of love, from love begun through technology, love that bridges distances, love not conceived in the conventional ways, but quite possibly providing the proving ground for love much purer than that begun and experienced in the traditional manner. How much more of a foundation might a relationship have, born of communicating through the time and space of an internet connection over weeks, months, or years than one begun in a bar or on a dance floor? My hope is that you will feel when you read these poems. That you will begin to understand relationships are oftentimes beyond our comprehension, certainly not within our control, and able to transport our experiences to places beyond our imaginations. My good friend and poetry mentor, Joss Burnel, says, “Good writing makes you feel, great writing strips you naked.” I hope by the last page, you’re reading naked.

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