Psst! Your Wisdom's Showing

Psst! Your Wisdom's Showing

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Author: Scarlett Braden

ISBN: 1973712644

Number Of Pages: 103

Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

Details: A book of contemporary poetry, written for women. Wisdom is born of time, experience, and relationships. The Aberration It’s there, do you see it? No? And there’s another. No, it’s not just the way the sunlight reflects It’s really there It’s not an aberration It’s not the success of the vitamin enriched shampoo It’s not a highlight I didn’t pay for it, It just appeared, Or maybe I did pay for it. What do you think? Is it a badge of courage? Or a symbol of dwindling vitality? Shall I wear it proudly? Or cover it with chemicals Or possibly a hat? Yes, a hat. I shall point to it when I need it, Yes, I’m experienced, Yes, I’m wise And I shall wear a hat when I don’t, So that I I am the aberration That gray haired young girl Doing cartwheels on the hillside Next to the river, With the stunning hat.

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