Rebel Song

Rebel Song

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Author: Rivera Sun

ISBN: 0996639101

Number Of Pages: 104

Publisher: Rising Sun Press Works

Release Date: 2018-05-15

Details: "I thought the epic poem was a lost art. It seems to have been found in the rising winds of this love-storm." - Rob Ganson, Poet

Rebel Song is a tremendous story of a Woman, a Heart, a Madman, a Rebel, and the growing Storm of Change. With its revolutionary and visionary message, Rebel Song will remind you of Howl or Song of Myself. Its compelling story takes the reader along for an unforgettable ride. Eerie warnings parallel contemporary crises. Weaving metaphors soar and dive. Archetypes evoke stunning moments of real-life recognition. And in the end, the sweeping triumph of the Rebel Song's message leaves you in shivers-and-chills delight.

Praise for Rebel Song

"Rebel Song is not a call to arms, it is a call to awareness and conscience, a plea for consideration of the plight of ourselves and our fellow men and women--for our civilization. Unlike any other such plea, it is marvelously poetic, filled with imagery, metaphors, alliteration, rhyme--a genuine poetic masterpiece that strikes at all of our hearts and opens them to the need for action. It will be remembered for years as a defining statement of the soul of today's disenfranchised everyman, crying out for justice." - Casey Dorman, Author, Editor: Lost Coast Review

"In Rebel Song, Rivera Sun writes in the tradition of Whitman, Jeffers and June Jordan, poems that testify to the indomitable spirit that is alive in the resistance. This work is gritty and visceral and of the earth. To me it felt like that clarion call I have been waiting for which combines poetry and activism . . . Profound and hopeful, this book is a touchstone for remembering how crucial our voices are for the evolution of the spirit and the survival of the soul."- Devreaux Baker, Poet, Pen Oakland Award winner for her book, Red Willow People.

"This grand poem reminds us that the rebel, the body of rebellion, is made up of many ordinary women/men, and the storm, of love in action. The decline of Mother Earth and her children is only inevitable if we, the ordinary, fail to rise. Its metaphors are extended, visual, and engaging. I thought the epic poem was a lost art. It seems to have been found in the rising winds of a love-storm." - Rob Ganson, Poet, Follow the River Clear Down

"Rebel Song is a powerful poem that stands not only as an anthem for our global peace and justice movement, but also takes a much deeper step to examine the heart from which we operate, to touch the tears that teach - and the fierce love that inspires - where they live inside us."- Diane Patterson, Singer/Songwriter, Folkgoddess

"This is poignant, powerful, beautiful, heart-wrenching, heart-warming and so much more. A clear stand for justice (as in all Rivera Sun's work) that opens a door for others to stand up, walk through, AND join the movement." - Cindy Reinhardt, Writer

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