War What Comes After

War What Comes After

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Author: Brendan S Bigney

ISBN: 1980346429

Number Of Pages: 174

Publisher: Independently published

Details: From an epic scene of a war between the land and the sky to the seduction of instinct by the ideas of peace and violence in a piece called "The Killer Instinct" or the impact hands can have on the course of humanity; this is a collection of poetry based off of experiences and thoughts regarding warfare shown in fictional and non-fictional scenes, this book explores the mind, things learned, brotherhood, responsibility and the weight of our decisions, and even deeper in the case of the warrior that returns home - the inevitable search for the answer to the question that we all ask, "What comes after?"

- Eric Newhouse, (Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist and author of "Faces of Combat")

"War, What Comes After" is a book of poetry by former U.S. Marine Brendan S. Bigney that struggles to find meaning in all he's been through. His transition back to civilian life in "Smalltalk" is particularly telling:

"I do not understand what is being said
Or why so much energy is spent on this
The contortions of her face –
They confuse me
She’s emotional, I’m quite –
No one is dead, No one is dying
So what is the significance of these words?"

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